Can I get a refund? 

ANSWER: A full refund is available if there are more than 30 days before the event start time. Bookings made within 48 hrs. of event start time will NOT be refunded.

How do cancelations work?

ANSWER: Guests may cancel their Booking until 30 days before the event start time and will receive a full refund of their Booking Price. Guests may cancel their booking between 30 days and 7 days before the event start time and receive a 50% refund of their Booking Price. Cancellations submitted less than 7 days before the Event start time are not refundable.

Can I reschedule my event if it’s less than 7 days away? 

ANSWER: No, renter can not reschedule their booking less than 7 days away from their booking: 

Can I reschedule my event if it’s more than 7 days away? 

ANSWER: Yes, renters can reschedule their booking for a new date. There is a $25 fee to reschedule studio rental and $100 fee for events. 


How does the booking process work? 

ANSWER: You can book online or call/text.

Is there a minimum hour rental? 

ANSWER: We have a 1 hour minimum. We book at the top of the hour. For example: Renters can book at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, etc… Renters can’t book at 2:10, 2:30, 2:45, etc..

What is your venue capacity?

ANSWER: 20 people maximum for studio rental.


North Houston: Capacity 50 people

South Houston & Corsicana: Capacity 75 people


2 Hours $250 (2 Hours)


Half Day $500 (5 hours)


Full Day $1000 (10 hours) 

*Additional hours outside of the package is $150 per hour. 


What is your price per hour? 

ANSWER: Studio rental is $50 per hour.

What comes with my rental? 

ANSWER: Renters have access to all studios during their rental time. The following items are complimentary:

Backdrops, backdrop stand, chairs, and LED lighting on the wall, and a Bluetooth speaker. 

Does a photographer/videographer come with my rental?

ANSWER: No, a photographer/videographer is not included. The Renter must provide their own photographer.

Can I arrive early to set up my event?

ANSWER: The client’s rental time starts at your check-in time. If the Client arrives before their booking time, their rental starts upon arrival. 

Can I adjust my time? 

ANSWER: Renters have up to 7 days before their scheduled appointment to change day/time or reschedule. 

Do I need a card on file to rent? 

ANSWER: In order to complete your booking request, a card must be on file. Please login to your profile and save a card on file. If you have any questions, give us a call. Someone from our team will assist you. 

Do you have WiFi? 

ANSWER: Yes, the WiFi information will be provided during your visit. 

What happens if I go over my time limit?

ANSWER: Additional time can be reserved if no Renter is directly behind you. The card on file will be charged. 

ANSWER: There is a $50 charge for overtime into another client’s rental time. Our policy is to access a charge to compensate the next Renter an additional hour. 

Can I vape/smoke in the building?

ANSWER: No vaping/smoking allowed inside of the venue. 

Is the studio soundproof? 

ANSWER: No, the studio is not soundproof. 

Can I use a colored smoke bomb?

ANSWER: Non-flammable sources allowed. Meaning it must come from a fog machine plugged into the wall. 

No firecrackers, smoke bombs, etc…

Do you have a bar service?

ANSWER: No, we don’t offer a bar service. 

How is parking?

ANSWER: There is free parking in front of the venue. 

How do I enter the building? 

ANSWER: SOUTH HOUSTON: ground level entry

ANSWER: NORTH HOUSTON: 2nd level entry. Elevator/stairs available 

ANSWER: CORSICANA: ground level entry

How many restrooms are at your facility?

ANSWER: 1 restroom Corsicana location 

ANSWER: 2 restrooms South and North Houston locations

What is the Square footage of the building?


2800 sq. ft. – SOUTH HOUSTON 

2000 sq. ft. – NORTH HOUSTON 

1250 sq. ft. – CORSICANA, TX

Is there natural light?

ANSWER: Some of the studio spaces have natural lighting and curtains to back out the lighting.

What services does your studio offer?

ANSWER: Our venue offers studio rental only. Renters have access to the entire studio space during their rental time. 

Will someone be there during my rental?

ANSWER: No one will be present during your rental. 

How do I check-in when I arrive? 

ANSWER: Renters will receive check-in information the day of their rental. 

Is there a code to enter the building or will someone be there to greet me? 

ANSWER: There is a code to enter the building. Renters receive check in information the day of their rental.

Can I pay for my booking when I arrive?

ANSWER: No, all bookings are pre-paid. 

Can I take a tour of the venue? 

ANSWER: We don’t offer tours. However, you may view our studio photo gallery and floor plan via our website/social media platforms. 

Can I hang objects from the ceiling? 

ANSWER: We have an adjustable truss system that you can hang objects from (South Houston). We don’t allow anything to be hung from the ceiling.


Are backdrops provided? 

ANSWER: Yes, we have various color paper drops. There isn’t lighting equipment in the studio however many studio rooms come equipped with LED lighting on the wall. 

What type of studio lighting is provided?

ANSWER: The rooms are lit with LED lighting, but please feel free to bring whatever additional lighting you may need for your subject lighting/ front lighting for your object. 

Can I move furniture from studio to studio? 

ANSWER: Items and furniture can’t be moved from studio to studio except black chairs and sitting stools.

Do you provide podcast equipment? 

ANSWER: No, renters must bring in their own recording equipment.